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SUPER•CUT Diamond Core Drills and Core Drill/Seamers

  • Metal bond

  • Diamond impregnated

  • Drill & drill/seamer designs

  • Choice of adaptor

  • Custom made for each application

  • Core drills
    Suitable for float glass, mirrors, quartz, ceramics and other hard, brittle or abrasive non-metallic materials.

    Core drill/seamers
    Seamed or chamfered edges provide aesthetically pleasing holes and will usually give higher furnace yields on tempered glass.

    SUPER•CUT core drill and core drill/seamer specifications are pre-determined by:

  • the application
  • the workpiece

  • the machine
  • A complete range of SUPER•CUT designs and specifications is available to fit each machine and to meet the users exacting requirements:

  • quick start-up

  • accurate hole size

  • hole quality

  • spindle speed

  • feed rate

  • coolant type

  • tool life

  • SUPER•CUT’s ongoing commitment to quality and superior performance ensures that each SUPER•CUT drill
    meets the needs of a demanding industry.

    Blending and moulding each drill to exact process specifications.

    Each drill is serialised so every manufacturing process can be identified.

    Performance tailored to your needs

    SUPER•CUT drills and drill/seamers provide quick start-up, fast cutting, chip-free edge quality and long tool life.

    Ordering Please advise the following:
    – drill or drill seamer
    – machine make & model
    – spindle speed
    – hole diameter
    – type of adaptor
    – glass thickness
    – coolant type
    – quantity required
    To re-order, please confirm the o/d (øD) size together with the previous invoice number.