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SUPERCUT glass grinding coolant, a fully synthetic fluid is designed for the demands of high volume automated production lines in automotive glass manufacturing.

Specifically designed to ideally complement the SUPERCUT range of diamond wheels and drills for automotive glass.

High levels of lubricity
With a combination of superior wetting capabilities and high levels of lubrication, the SUPERCUT coolant provides high quality edge finish, increased line speeds, extremely low levels of energy at the wheel glass interface, low levels of foam potential, as well as increased diamond wheel life. The coolant actively helps
reduce surface scratching, edge chipping and rejects through the oven, by providing a protective lubrication film for the surface of the part during the grinding

Low power consumption
With its innovative lubrication package, the SUPER-CUT coolant provides significantly lower overall power consumption at the wheel - glass interface. In most tempering operations, lower power requirements are equated to lower rejects through the tempering ovens. Lower power at the diamond substrate interface also equates to better glass edge finish and longer wheel life.

Extremely high removal rates
The SUPER'CUT coolant offers extremely high volumes of glass stock removal while maintaining both glass edge quality and extended wheel life. This is important when the cut size of glass varies, requiring the ability to remove more glass at the same line speed without developing burns, edge chips and/or diminished wheel life. Controlled testing has been shown to provide as much as a 30% increase in removal rates over conventional glass and ceramic grinding fluids.

Controlled settling
The SUPER»CUT coolant is formulated with a very efficient settling additive package. This package will allow the glass fines to settle out of the solution in a controlled manner thus eliminating build up in return lines and on machine parts. When it is time to clean settling tanks and automatic swarf removal equipment, the residue can be either shovel out or simply washed out with a water hose. The coolant is compatible with Centrifuge separation systems, Henry type settling tank systems and Decanter systems.

 SUPERCUT glass grinding coolant

Biologically stable
When it comes to resistance to biological deterioration, the SUPER»CUT coolant stands above the crowd. Each component in the formulation is selected for its resistance to attack by bacteria and fungus. The coolant does not use any biological control agents that may harm workers' skin or upper respiratory system.

Extended sump life
Because of new more stringent waste disposal regulations, coolants today must last longer in their service life. When managed correctly, the SUPERCUT coolant may last twice as long as normal coolants. To obtain the maximum life, a test for suspended solids should be run once a week. Once the solids level has been determined, simple post treatment in the existing tank will clear the fluid of most unwanted glass fines and leave the fluid ready for another week of high-speed operation.

Flocculants and Coagulants
SUPERCUT offers a range of flocculants and coagulants to effectively aid in the removal of suspended solids from many types of grinding fluids.
Floc 60 - is designed to work in tandem with Floc 80. Once the floe is formed by Floc 80, Floc 60 is added to increase the size of the floc, increase the speed of settling and control the density of the settled material. Floc 60 is best suited for use in two-part settling systems such as a Henry system or a Decanter type system.
Floc 80
- is used as the primary initial flocculant in a two-part system and in many cases is used as a standalone flocculant for those systems running centrifuges for solids removal.
Floc 90 - is a highly efficient ONE PART flocculant that offers high-end performance and very low usage rates (35-75ppm as compared to most materials that are used at 600 to 1200ppm) to effect total and complete solids separation in a controlled manner

Coolant system maintenance
Coolant should be checked daily for:
- PH
- Concentration
- Level of solids in a central system should be monitored and adjusted daily with additions of flocculant
- Biological activity should be examined weekly in spring and summer, monthly in winter.

SUPER-CUT sales engineer can help you set up a system maintenance program so as to optimize your coolant usage and benefits at no cost to the end user.

Custom options
For those users requiring special performance in the areas of increased line speeds, extended wheel life, or swarf removal, the SUPER-CUT coolant may be modified to meet your requirements on a custom formulation basis.

Contains no silicone
SUPER-CUT coolant contains no silicone, diethanolnitrosamine, nitrites, phosphates, PCB's, PTBBA, mercurial, phenols, or mineral oil.

Vertical Component Water
Freeze Point 32 F
Boiling Point 212 F
pH 9.4 - 9.8
Evaporation Rate Unavailable
Odor Mild
Vapor Pressure Unavailable
Appearance Transparent Green Liquid
Vapor Density Unavailable
Specific Gravity 1.04 - 1.05
V.O.C None
Weight per Gallon 8.65 - 8.75
Solubility in Water Infinite

The SUPER-CUT coolant is designed to be used at a dilution of 50:1 to 20:1 (2-5%) in water depending on the application, the type of removal equipment used, desired settling characteristics of the settled glass, the severity of the job, wheel type, and desired line speed. The flocculants can be diluted by several methods. Simple venture dilution systems work well for smaller users. If more accuracy is desired for high volume users, you may want to examine the benefits of SUPER-CUT Automated Dilution Control Station. This unit is accurate to one quarter of one per cent.

Packaging and handling
The SUPERCUT coolant is a liquid packed in non-returnable drums, Tote Bins, Pails, and Bulk. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for suitable materials of construction, for handling, and storing of this product. Observe all safety precautions shown on the label and in the Material Safety Data Sheet.